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You know when you bite into something, and instantly you are transported back to another time, a food memory……a taste memory………a special link that connects your life.

It happened to me recently when I was the recipient of some Magic Mayan Chocolate.

That memory was the taste of  crushed peanuts, sprinkled on an ice-cream, bought from the eagerly awaited ice-cream van, in a leafy suburb of London in the early 70′s…a warm, happy memory.

That food memory was awakened  last week, when my teeth sank into the Salted Peanut Pralinés, (one of many flavours), Matthew and Co. make in Kilfenora, Co.Clare. Dense, divine, salty, and that nutty taste that turned back the clock.

This chocolate ticks all the boxes, as you can see from the oh so natural ingredients, handmade with  organic super foods, it’s good for you…

I got my hands on the Salted Pralinés, and the Crazy Caramel bar.

I hid them from my kids, this chocolate was all mine. I have never tasted chocolate so fine before. A ”COMPLETE” taste experience,

Chocolate for the soul……

It comes in loads of flavours, is available in Health Food shops and Café’s  locally, give it as a gift, for Halloween, because it’s raining.

Just find an excuse, get your hands on it, soon.