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Magic Mayan Cooking Chocolate | Amazing ‘Ferrero Rocher’ style raw chocolates!
Quality and unique,Irish hand made cooking chocolate, Dairy, Gluten, Soya free, diabetically friendly and it taste's great. The chocolate you taste is hand tempered using the classic Bain Marie method. Available online and through all good health stores.
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Amazing ‘Ferrero Rocher’ style raw chocolates!

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We came across the recipe for these little beauties at this inspiring website:


So thank you, Quirky Cooking, for that! Unless you’re already addicted to the F.R. originals (and if you’re reading this, we’d like to think that you’re not!), you will really be impressed by the sheer deliciousness of these balls of chocolatey joy. Made using only the finest natural and healthy ingredients, they could make a lovely gift for friends or family. We got the little gold foil squares and paper cases from a great company called The Home Chocolate Factory:




Jo (the writer of the Quirky Cooking blog) uses a ‘thermomix’ to make these treats, but the recipe can be easily adapted for use with any kind of food processor. We adapted her basic recipe by using coconut sugar instead of rapadura, and of course Magic Mayan chocolate instead of Lindt! And we can guarantee that they really do taste as good as they look, if not even better :)

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