Come and Join the Chocolate Club

If you are reading this then you are like me. I love talking about food, making food, eating food. In fact I spend much of my spare time at food festivals or markets. Chances are we’ve met a one!

With that in mind, I would like to invite you to Join our new Chocolate Club. Here is the idea behind it. I receive orders from most of you every month if not a little longer. I love seeing these orders come in because I know that you love chocolate as much as I do and what I spend hard hours producing is being lovingly eaten by people who actually appreciate what I make!

So I’ve set up a little club and a little facebook group for us. I would like to send you out chocolate every month and keep you happy! But what I’m also going to do is make you some chocolate that nobody else has. And I’ll make different chocolate every month. 

What is that different chocolate? Well, you decide. I’ll take suggestions and then run a poll. The winner will then be produced and sent out to you.

You will receive:

  • 3 Bars of Magic Mayan Chocolate.
  • 1 Completely new flavor.
  • Shipping is included
Magic Mayan Chocolate Club
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