Please note that your personal information belongs to you. We (Magic Mayan Ltd) will only use the minimum basic information to process your online orders. We will never pass your personal information to any other 3rd Party. 

Who we are?

Magic Mayan Ltd is a Limited company, incorperated in Ireland with Registration number 565824. Should you have questions please Contact us

Darren OConnor

Ayle House, Gaurus, Ennis, Co. Clare


What information do we collect and how do we use it?

We only Collect:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Address
  • Contact Number
  • Email Adress.

We collect this information so that we can accurately dispatch your order. As such we are required to pass this information you GLS Ireland or Fastway Couriers. Both of these companies are GDPR Compliant.

Your email address is not automatically added to our email list. You must subscribe to our email list separately.

Where do we store and process personal data?

The Information you provide us so that we can process your orders are stored in an Cloud-Based accounts package called Bullet HQ. The Company is based in Dublin, Ireland. We are required by the HSE to have a 1 step back policy for food traceability. As such we also store your order in paper format which contains your Name and Address. 

How do we secure personal data?

Your information in the cloud is protected by various levels of encryption. In Paper format, your information is stored in a locked filing cabinet with limited access.

How long do we keep your personal data for?

We store the accounting information for 7 years from the date of entry. If you order more product from us, this will renew the 7 year time frame. After 7 years, we purdge the system of your information with the Help of Bullet HQ. Paper records are held for 1 Year from the date of order and are thendestroyed.

Your rights in relation to personal data

You have the right of access to any personal information we hold on you. You have the right to have your information corrected or deleted. If you feel we are not treating your information with the due care and security, you have the right to make a complaint against us to the Communications Regulator.

If you wish to view information held on you by us, please send an email to start the process.